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After clicking CREATE ESTIMATE (at the bottom of the form) you will also have the option to PRINT REPORT to create a separate document with the results of your estimaet (again, located at the bottom of the form).

Disclaimer: This Rate Calculator produces an ESTIMATE based on the data you provide and based on current rates and fees for escrow and title services. This Rate Calculator is provide to give our clients an ESTIMATE of the costs and fees associated with Birth Right Title, LLC services. The final charges may vary depending upon changes or updates in discount rates, government fees, loan-type changes, financial institution charges, or any additional services required during the processing of your request. Birth Right Title, LLC does not make any guaranties or warranties, whether express or implied, regarding the ESTIMATE produced by this Rate Calculator. This Rate Calculator is to be used ONLY for ESTIMATES of approximate fees and costs. Contact Birth Right Title, LLC for more information and to provide further details for your specific needs.

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